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  Lampen / Lasers
  Magazijn Accesoires
  Mounts / Rings / Bases
  Gasblokken / Gasbuizen
  Lower Onderdelen
  Upper Onderdelen
  Handguards / Railpanels
  Bipods / Forward Grips
  Compensators / Brakes
  AR-10 7.62 / .308
  FN FAL / H&K G3
  M1A / M14
  Pistol / Glock / Uzi / 9mm
  Remington 700
  Ruger 10/22 / Mini-14
  SA vz. 58
  Sig Sauer 522
  Holsters Scorpus
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Dealer Enquiries
We welcome new Dealers for a broad range of products
Are you a gunsmith, a gunstore owner, a purchase manager for police or military, or would our items be a addition to your shooting range? Please contact us and we will assist you with a very attractive set of dealer prices for many of our products!

In order to apply for our Dealer prices, please send us a e-mail, and include your information:
- Your Name
- Name of business
- Business phone number
- Business address
- Products that you are interested in
- EU VAT number

For Licensed Gun Dealers / or Manufacturers we also provide several other services, including the import of complete firearms from the United States of America, and also the export of other weapon related goods that are not listed on our website.

We sell a wide range of items, but have excellent dealer prices for the following manufacturers:
- American Defense
- Daniel Defense
- Gear Sector
- JP Enterprises
- Larue Tactical
- Maglula
- Magpul
- Mag-Grip / Mercob
- Samson
- Shoot-N-C Targets
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