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Fab Defense - Shockabsorb Stock, Cheekrest - GL-SHOCK-CP
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Prijs: €99.50
Product omschrijving
The revolutionary patented Fab Defense 'GL-Shock' absorbing Buttstock contains a recoil-reducing mechanism with a built in premium silicon chrome alloy spring creating a State-of-the-Art stock for your M4/M16.

- Unique Patented “Anti-Rattle” Mechanism
- Sleek New Design with No Protruding Parts
- Unique New Slick and Quick Operated Inversed Positioning Lever
- Integral Ribbed Rubber Butt Pad with a Non Slip Design
- Integrated Quick Detach “QD” Sling Swivel Connectors on Both Sides
- Watertight Battery Storage for Two CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries / AA 1.5v
Fits Perfectly on Both Tubes - MIL-SPEC and Commercial Aftermarket!
- Made from Mill-Spec Reinforced Composite Polymer
- With an Adjustable Cheek Rest.

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