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Blackhawk CQD - 2-punts Draagriem
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Prijs: €59.50
Product omschrijving
The CQD® Two-Point Sling gives operators a simple, highly functional, convenient means for securing and stabilizing the operator’s/officer’s tactical weapon. The sling is made from lightweight, durable nylon and is comfortable and easily adjusted for the user’s various equipment configurations. When adjusted correctly, it allows for both primary side and support side shooting. The sling attaches to the weapon via durable metal quick-connectors and has covered elastic inserts at the ends of the sling for user comfort and to help maintain the weapon close to the operator’s body. The sling was designed as a stand -alone product or to integrate into the CQD® weapons carry/retention system. Our system includes a CQD® Sling, a Rear/Front Sling Mount, and a CQD® Weapon Catch. This system maximizes weapon carry safety and flexibility and ensures a smooth, rapid transition from a “weapon-ready” posture to a “weapon secured” capability, when the situation dictates.

Black, matte finish for increased stealth
Durable metal snap on/off connector clips with quick sling adjustment capability
Constructed of durable nylon with covered elastic inserts
Maintains weapon close to users body
Keeps weapon in high, comfortable, safe position while retained in weapon catch
Applies to all shooting situations
Helps stabilize weapon when shooting from movable platforms (aircraft, boats, etc.)
Eliminates sling slack that could impede operators sight picture and/or inhibit support-hand actions
Fully adjustable snap lock feature used in specialized shooting techniques
Can be used on many weapons including the MP-5 and M-4

Length: Adjustable from 20 to 88 inches
Width: 1 inch
Weight: 8 oz.

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