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Larue Tactical - LT659
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Prijs: €135.00
Product omschrijving
LaRue Tactical QD Mount for Aimpoint CompM4

This mount is for the newest version of the US Army's M68 CCO (Close-Combat Optic). It is available in three sizes, Tall, Medium & Short.

- The "Tall" mount aligns the CompM4 perfectly in front of the LT Pivot-Mounted Aimpoint 3XMagnifier, LT-Mounted PVS-14 and / or all BUIS units.
- The "Medium" mount provides absolute-cowitness and is compatible with other USGI-height mounts.
- The "Short" mount is the correct height for Piston Uppers, like the HK416.

The mount comes complete with replacement mounting screws with wrench, QD adjustment wrench, vial of blue Locktite and Instructions.
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