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Gunworks - THUMB - MITE556
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Prijs: €129.00
Product omschrijving
Goodbye muzzleclimb. Here comes Thomas Ultimate Muzzle Break a.k.a. THUMB. The new MITE556 is the shortest muzzle brake for all weapons with a 5,56 x 45 mm Nato or .223 Remington chambered caliber

One single caliber matched gas rebound chamber drastically reduces the recoil. Two gas flow specific blast ports have been cut in the chamber roof to reduce the bounce as well as the drift of the weapon. With 40 mm overall length our MITE556 is about 5 mm shorter than the standard A2 flashhider. The application range is recreational, competition & in every application where a short overall weapon length has to be combined with an effective reduction of muzzle rise and recoil reduction.

- 1/2-28 TPI
- M14x1 (Oberland) or M15x1 (H&K) Thread on special request.
- Material: Steel ETG 100
- Surface: case hardened, vibratory grinded, grit blasted and PVD coated
- All products are laser marked (manufacturer, model, muzzle threading und Lot. No.)
- All muzzle devices are prepared to acommodate our FBH heat strap holder
- All muzzle devices will be aligned by an provided crush washer ring corresponding to a 12 o´clock marking on our models. This may be performed with a 19 mm or 3/4 inch wrench
- All products are 100% "MADE IN GERMANY"!

You can see a excellent demo of the MITE556 here: CLICK

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